Care of your 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

Care of your 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver is a beautiful, bright metal that jewellry lovers worldwide have selected as their favourite metal. Although it is beautiful, sterling silver must be cleaned and stored properly to retain its original shine and luster. The speed at which your sterling silver will tarnish depends on many things e.g. the area that you live (humidity, near pollution, etc.), the pH levels of your skin, chemicals you are exposed to, the type of water in your area, how your silver is stored and even the food you eat !

Keep all jewellery dry and put on after the use of cosmetics or body products. Water, moisturiser, sunscreen or any oil and water based products will increase the likeliness of tarnishing. Chlorine or salted water can also severely discolour and damage your jewellery. Avoid wearing any of your pieces while showering, at swimming pools, at the beach or while exercising. Limit contact with rough surfaces, as silver is soft and can become scratched easily. You can use a special silver cloth to polish your items, but a lint-free flannel, microfiber, or other soft nonabrasive cloth will do as well. Do not use paper towels or tissues to polish your jewelry as they contain fibers that can scratch the silver.

For general cleaning, use just a polishing cloth, as gentle rubbing and buffing alone will remove mild tarnishing. Jewellery polishing cloths are ideal as they are usually impregnated with a polishing compound that lasts a long time and gives an amazing shine. The only limitation is it cannot easily reach grooves and crevices. We do not recommend silver dips or liquid cleaners as some of our jewelry incorporates natural shells, stones, and mother of pearl, which can be easily damaged by these harsh chemicals.

If your pieces are heavily tarnished or you don’t have the time to clean them, take them to professional silver cleaner. Very old, fragile, or valuable pieces should also be cleaned by a professional.

Prior to storing, make sure your jewellery is dry, as moisture speeds the tarnishing process. Ideally, store your jewellery in a soft lined box or pouch. Try to keep pieces apart, so they don’t rub together or tangle up.

Remember; enjoy wearing your 925 sterling silver jewellery. Don’t tuck it away for special occasions, as it will not tarnish any less. But just as importantly, take care of it and it will last a lifetime to be passed down as an heirloom for generations to come.

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